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The friendly faces welcoming you to Elfin Hill!

While the Blackmores are off exploring new horizons, Edwina and Damian have stepped in as your friendly guides to this little slice of paradise.

They weren’t always innkeepers, though! Edwina and Damian were guests first, enchanted by the charm of Elfin Hill and its breathtaking views. Their hearts were captured, and when the Blackmores set off on their next adventure, Edwina and Damian knew they had to be a part of it.

But they’re no strangers to making dreams come true. Years of globetrotting and successful careers in business and travel have honed their skills in creating unforgettable experiences. And now, they’re pouring all that magic into Elfin Hill, ready to share its secrets with you.

History of Elfin hill

Uncover the story behind Elfin Hill as we take you on a journey through its fascinating history, capturing the essence of this cherished retreat in the Hunter Valley.

The Parish of Pokolbin is a special area of the Hunter Valley, designated as the oldest continuous area of vineyards in Australia, with some dating from 1820. 

By the mid 1960s, the wine industry in the valley was dying, and there were only seven wineries left, along with two independent grape growers. The wineries that survived the hard times in the 60's are now synonymous with the Hunter Valley: McWilliams, Lindemans, Drayton's, Tullochs and Tyrrells. Almost all of these historic wineries are all nestled at the bottom of the Brokenback mountain range, in or close to the Parish of Pokolbin.

The industry experienced a resurgence in the mid-1960's, with a renewed interest in wine coinciding with the mineral boom.  

The Parish of Pokolbin has remained true to its viticultural history, with restrictions on any new accommodation in order to preserve its character and history. Elfin Hill is, therefore, one of only a handful of accommodation options in the Pokolbin Parish.


The Blackmores

In 2000, Mark and Marie Blackmore purchased Elfin Hill after falling in love with the property after staying there on a weekend trip.

They have diligently upheld the philosophy of country style hospitality to an exceptional standard ever since.

With a history in hospitality and construction, the couple set about improving Elfin Hill, adding the Guest Pavillion, commercial kitchen and the Loft Villa.

The Blackmores are focused on providing the best possible experience for their guests and are renowned for going the extra mile to make you feel right at home.

With over 20 years in the Hunter Valley, Mark and Marie have the experience to recommend the best the valley has to offer.